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"A Casa di Penelope"
embodies a new concept of Hotel, a unique space with several rooms where art, atmosphere and hospitality blend together and create a fascinating path of sensorial involvment.

Design... Comfort... Innovation... Location... Vision...
every room is an open space designed to be a syntesis that gives a broad liberty of expression to our guests embraced by the milky white of our industrial resin floor.

Hands... Mouth... Ears... Nose... Eyes...
every room is characterized and become a unique space defined by the details that live within it: original works of art made of backelite and designed by Giovanni Lamorgese in every bedroom, vintage objects shown in the hall.

The building is located in the Umbertin area very close to Termini station, 10 minutes by walk from the main important monuments of Rome like the Colosseum an the Roman Forum.
The Vatican, the Spanish steps, Trevi Fontain, Piazza Navona are all no more than 15 minutes away from the hotel on public transport.
To get to Fiumicino airport it takes 30 minutes by train from Termini station.
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